What should we study as we paddle down the Hudson River?

The Hudson River has a long and interesting history. English Explorer Henry Hudson was the first European to discover the Hudson River when he was looking for a quick passage to China and he sailed along America’s North Atlantic coast in 1609. In the beginning it was described as a wild and inhospitable place with poisonous snakes and thick forests that were too dense to traverse. However, over time the Hudson River became a major transportation route and many industries and cities developed along its banks. The development also brought pollution and over time this wild river and estuary became very polluted. In the 1960’s Pete and Toshi Seeger founded the Hudson River  Sloop Clearwater. The Clearwater is a sailboat that sails up and down the Hudson River and has worked to clean up the river and teach people about the river since 1966. Many people are working to clean up the Hudson River and it is much cleaner than it was, but it still faces many environmental challenges.

With so many thing we could focus on we need you to help us decide what we should study.

Should we focus on the early history and exploration, the Sloop Clearwater or the current state of the Hudson River’s water quality?

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