Summer Plans With Chris

I have been thinking about my plans for the spring and summer. Dave and Amy read your emails and comments to me. Thank you for sharing your opinions. Some of you want me to go with Dave and Amy. Some think I should stay home. The ideas you shared have helped me make my decision.

This winter has been great. I can still run around, but I cannot run as far as I used to. In the evening, I get kind of stiff. I think that climbing in and out of the canoe would be tough. I would be uncomfortable sitting in the canoe all day. Plus, Dave tells me that they will be traveling past more towns. I would be stuck on a leash when they camp in town.

I think that I will stay with my friend Chris Maher. He told me that I can spend the summer napping on his porch. That sounds pretty good to me. Plus, Chris is the owner of Sage, Domino, and Porky. I could spend some time hanging out with my three buddies. Well, Porky is kind of afraid of me. I really like Sage! I like naps on porches too.

I will miss Dave and Amy while they are gone, but Chris will take really good care of me. I will stay in touch with Dave and Amy. I will still write a few Field Notes from time to time for you. That way, you will still know what I am up to!

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