West side of Patterson Island

Today we moved our camp. We spent the morning packing. We needed to move so the geologists can study new places. Our goal is to explore the western and southern shore of Patterson Island. We even plan to hike to the middle of the island soon. After a short paddle, we reached a spot that Nick, Sonia and Luke were interested in. We are getting closer to the place where the meteor hit.

The wind picked up while we were exploring the shore, so we decided to camp. I set up camp while Nick, Sonia and Luke gathered rock samples. This evening we were visited by a caribou. This caribou stayed around longer than the one we saw a few days ago. It is a male caribou with a large set of antlers. He is actually still outside as I sit in the tent writing this. He is standing right between the forest and the rocky beach. We are camped out on the beach, sheltered by a rock ledge. I wonder if we will hear him walk by camp later. . .

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