What should we look for on the dogsled trail?

We dogsled over lots of different terrain.  We travel through the woods, on frozen, lakes, rivers, and bogs.  We are wondering what you would like us to look for, the next time we are out dogsledding.
We often see tracks left by different animals in the snow.  If you like, we could take pictures of the animal tracks that we see.  We could also learn more about each animal and teach you how to identify their tracks.
The bogs and forests are filled with all sorts of different plants.  Some of these plants are even edible!  We could look for interesting plants along the dogsled trail.  We could take pictures of these plants and do a little research about them.
Beavers have shaped the landscape that we travel through.  There are many lakes and ponds that have been formed because beavers built dams to block water in a stream.  We could take pictures of a beaver dam and beaver lodge.  We could also learn more about beavers and why they build dams.
The choice is up to you.  What would you like us to look for and study the next time we are out dogsledding?
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