Where I Grew Up

I visited my nephew and niece last weekend. They live way out in the woods. It is the place where I grew up. I was happy to play with Thistle and Ginger. I got to see my old owners too. They gave me pets and let me come in the house – just like old times.

Dave just told me about your responses from last week’s Dave’s Dilemma. I am happy with the results. I will keep pulling sleds with the other dogs when I want to. If I get tired, I will take a break. I sure do like to run and pull sleds. The people are so friendly and there are so many interesting things to smell and see along the trail.

I spent this past week pulling a couple of elementary school teachers from Baltimore, Jen and Ellen. They were very nice. After the first day of the trip, I was hooked up to the stake out line with all the other dogs. Jen and Ellen convinced Dave to let me run loose. I waited outside the cabin until Dave was ready to go home. Then Dave took me home and I got to sleep inside.

After a few days of dogsledding, the trip was over. The teachers wanted my paw print. Dave didn’t have any ink or paint so he tried to use blueberry juice. This didn’t work too well, but it sure tasted good.




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