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Adélie Penguin

How fast can an Adélie penguin swim? Adélie penguins are natural born swimmers. In the Olympics, the best swimmers from around the world can reach speeds of just under 5 mph, but they can’t keep it up for long. An Adélie penguin has no trouble swimming at a pace of 5 mph for hours on …

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American Black Duck

American Black Duck

American black duck in flight. Photo by Maslowski Photo, U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceImage source What do American black ducks look like? The American black duck is a large dabbling duck. They do not dive, but instead tip their heads down and tails up when they forage for food underwater. They look very similar to …

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anhinga flight


The anhinga is an interesting bird that is 32-36 inches in height (a little bit smaller than a great blue heron). This bird has an impressive wingspan of up to 4 feet and weighs up to 3 lbs. Anhingas have blackish, very long, thin, necks. Their small snakelike heads with long pointed bills which make …

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