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Black Spruce

How big are black spruce? Black Spruce can grow up to 100 feet tall and about 24 inches in diameter. However, most trees are smaller reaching about 50 feet and one foot in diameter. How long do Black Spruce live? Black spruce can live 150-200 years. What do their leaves look like? They have straight, …

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Boreal Forest plants

Skiing over a portage gives a wonderful advantage over summer travel because there is no canoe overhead to interrupt the view of the beautiful giants all around. Many times I have often found my self at the base of a huge white pine, peering out from under the canoe, trying to take in the height …

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Paper Birch

How big are paper birch? Paper birch can grow to be over 80 feet tall and 16 inches in diameter. How long do paper birch live? Paper birch can live about 120 years. What do their leaves look like? Their leaves are broadly wedge shaped and 1 1/2 to 3 inches long. They have an …

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The boreal forest is home to so many interesting birds but perhaps the most intelligent is the Raven. What do Common Ravens look like? Ravens are the largest of all the songbirds. They are 2 feet long and have a 4 feet wingspan. They are jet black and have shaggy feathers around their neck. Ravens …

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River Otter

River otters are the most playful animals in the Border Country. Otters are often found frolicing in the water alone or in groups. They enjoy jumping and playing in river currents. In the winter they slide on their bellies on the ice to make travel much faster. Infact, when they get up enough speed they …

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Mink Mustela vison

Did you know that mink are in the same family as weasels and pine martens?Mink are part of the mustelid family. These animals live alone along riverbanks and lakeshores. What do mink look like?They have dark brown fur with a light colored patch of fur on their throat. Mink are long and slender and they …

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bull moose


Did you know that moose are the largest member of the deer family? Male moose, known as bulls, can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds. That is equivalent to about 8 grown men! However, the species of moose found here in the Border Country are usually between 700-1,200 pounds. Females usually weigh between 700-1,100 pounds …

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Northern Lights Aurora borealis

The northern lights, or aurora, fill the night sky with mysterious lights of green and yellow and sometimes red. In the northern hemisphere, places that are closest to the North Pole such as Alaska, Norway, Scotland, and northern Russia experience the aurora on almost every clear night. The aurora is most active in these areas, …

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gray jay

Gray Jay, Camp Robber

Almost everybody who comes to the Border Country will encounter the Gray jay. That is because they are not shy and will swoop down to visit campsights to find food. What do gray jays look like? A gray jay has a white belly, forehead, breast, and neck. The rest of its body is gray. Young …

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Boreal Forest animals

The distant howl of a lone wolf on a clear calm night is a magical experience, as is an encounter with a playful otter popping his head out of the water to ponder your presence. These are the things that make the boreal forest so special. Encounters with the local population as they go about …

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