North America

American Black Duck

American Black Duck

American black duck in flight. Photo by Maslowski Photo, U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceImage source What do American black ducks look like? The American black duck is a large dabbling duck. They do not dive, but instead tip their heads down and tails up when they forage for food underwater. They look very similar to …

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Bobcat – Lynx rufus

The bobcat has a short “bobbed” tail and long tufts of black fur that stick up from its ears. Photo by Don DeBold. Image Source What does a bobcat look like? The bobcat is a small wild cat with short brown fur that is speckled with many black markings or spots. They have a short …

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Coral Snake

Coral Snake – Micrurius fulvius

Coral snakes have red, yellow, and black bands on their long narrow bodies. By LA Dawson Image Source Coral snakes have hollow teeth called fangs that they use to inject poison into their victims. Their bright red, yellow, and black stripes warn other animals that coral snakes are poisonous. People don’t see coral snakes very …

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