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Click To Enlarge Large eyes and superior visions are characteristic of an ocelot, which makes this cat a great hunter at night. About three twice the size of a housecat, the ocelot is one of the smallest felines found in the tropical rainforest. Ocelots can weigh up to 35 pounds, and adults are generally about …

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Perhaps the most spectacular bird found in the Costa Rican rainforest is the macaw. These brightly colored birds are enormous. Their bodies can measure nearly 34 inches long and can weigh over 2 pounds. The scarlet macaw is a member of the parrot family. There are over 300 species of parrots throughout the world, almost …

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leaf cutter ant

Leaf Cutter Ant

Click To Enlarge Leaf cutter ants could be the smallest recyclers on the planet. These little ants serve an extremely useful purpose in the rainforest. Leaf cutter ants cut small holes into the leaves of vascular plants. The ants then pick up these giant pieces of leaf and carry them down into their dens. Once …

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Click To Enlarge Kinkajous are some of the most mis-understood mammal of the tropical rainforest. The kinkajou is found throughout southern Mexico, Central America, and the Amazon basin. They live high in the forest canopy, nearly 100 feet off the ground. Because they live so high off the ground and are nocturnal, it takes a …

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king vulture

King Vulture

Click To Enlarge The King Vulture is truely the king of all vultures. The King Vulture the largest of all the vultures. Vultures can be found in all areas of the world and are some of the best scavengers in the animal kingdom. King Vultures can be found throughout Latin America from Southern Mexico to …

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Click To Enlarge Like other reptiles, iguanas accredit their good looks to the dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth. There are over 200 species of reptiles found in Costa Rica. Some of the more frequently seen reptiles in Costa Rica is the Green Iguana Most iguanas live in the rainforests of Central and South …

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howler monkey


Howler Monkeys are some of Costa Rica’s loudest inhabitants. It is said that the call of a howler monkey can be heard for 3-4 miles even through the thick tropical forest. Howlers live in small groups of about 12 individuals. Scientists believe that the dominant male of the group uses his loud voice to keep …


green sea turtle


Costa Rica’s most amazing animal doesn’t even spend that much time in Costa Rica. The Green Sea Turtle is one of the most studied marine reptiles, but surprisingly little is known about the turtle’s habits, lifecycle, or behaviors. Click To Enlarge The Green Turtle can’t completely retract its head and neck into their shell. Therefore, …




Click To Enlarge American crocodiles are well-armored with tough, scaley skin.   American crocodiles have long, slender snouts and live in tropical wetlands. Adult crocodiles are usually 7 to 15 feet long and weigh 150 to 450 pounds. American crocodiles inhabit areas where fresh and salt waters mix, called brackish water, such as coastal wetlands …

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coll aracari

Collared Aracari

Click To Enlarge The Collared Aracari makes its home year-round in the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and throughout Central America. The most distinctive physical chararcteristic of the Aracari is its amazing beak. Their beaks, about 4 inces long, are almost a quarter of the bird’s entire body. Their bodies are a rainbow of colors, …

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