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The white-nosed coati is closely related to a raccoon. The average adult male coati is about 3.5 feet long and weighs close to 10 pounds. The male coatis are almost twice the size of females. Coatis spend most of their time on the ground, but they climb trees as easily as a squirrel. When in …

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Click To Enlarge Juvenile Caimans are yellow in color with black spots and bands on the body and tail. As they mature, they lose this yellow color and the markings become less distinct. Adults are dull olive-green.   Spectacled caimans are the most common species of the crocodilian family. The Spectacled Caiman is one of …

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Click To Enlarge Razor-sharp incisors help this bat to find prey in the rainforest. Bats also employ radar techniques to help them locate their prey and keep from flying into tree trunks. There are over 260 species of mammals found in the Costa Rican rainforest. 50% of the mammals found in Costa Rica are bats. …

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