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closeup of alligator with open mouth

American Alligator

Where do American alligators live? There are only two species of alligators in the world. The American alligator lives in the southern United States and the other species, the Chinese alligator, lives in China. Alligators live in areas with warm temperatures and swampy fresh water environments. American alligators live south of an imaginary line that …

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American crocodile in water

American Crocodile

An American crocodile exiting the water in Mexico Tomás Castelazo Image Source Where do American crocodiles live? The American crocodile is a reptile that lives in North, Central, and South America. Although crocodiles are found in some of the same areas as alligators, crocodiles live in different habitats. Alligators need fresh water to survive, while …

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Coral Snake

Coral Snake – Micrurius fulvius

Coral snakes have red, yellow, and black bands on their long narrow bodies. By LA Dawson Image Source Coral snakes have hollow teeth called fangs that they use to inject poison into their victims. Their bright red, yellow, and black stripes warn other animals that coral snakes are poisonous. People don’t see coral snakes very …

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Wood Frog

Wood Frog

Ontley (own work) Image Source Wood frogs have a special adaptation to survive the extreme cold that is common in winter in many of the places they inhabit. They allow themselves to become frozen! Well, not completely. Their bodies create a natural antifreeze that keeps ice from forming inside their partially frozen bodies. Ice crystals …

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