Collared Aracari

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coll aracari

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The Collared Aracari makes its home year-round in the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and throughout Central America. The most distinctive physical chararcteristic of the Aracari is its amazing beak. Their beaks, about 4 inces long, are almost a quarter of the bird’s entire body.

Their bodies are a rainbow of colors, especially their breasts and beaks. On their breasts, Collared Aracaris have yellow, red and green feathers. They also have red or blue plumage surrounding their eyes.

Aracaris are related to the larger Toucans, but are considered Toucanets. The main difference between aracaris and toucans, besides size, is their tail. The Collared Aracari has a much more sharp and pointed tail than the larger Toucans.

Aracaris are highly sociable and usually found in small flocks. They roost communally in tree holes. Young aracaris may be fed by a group of adults instead of just the parents, which is unusual for birds to do.

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Aracaris like to eat the fruits from ficus trees and palms. They are also known to consume large numbers of insects, small reptiles, eggs, and even fledgling birds.

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