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American crocodiles are well-armored with tough, scaley skin.


American crocodiles have long, slender snouts and live in tropical wetlands. Adult crocodiles are usually 7 to 15 feet long and weigh 150 to 450 pounds.

American crocodiles inhabit areas where fresh and salt waters mix, called brackish water, such as coastal wetlands and canals. These Crocodiles are found in southern Florida, the Caribbean, southern Mexico, and along the Central American coast south to Venezuela.

Adult crocs maintain dens near nest sites, which are burrows dug 3-9 m into creek banks, with the entrance at or below the waterline. This is where the females lay their eggs (usually about 40 at a time) The majority of females build mound nests of soil or sand, but some individuals excavate hole nests. The size of nest mounds increase as the females increase in size.

Crocodiles are endangered throughout most of the world. American Crocodiles also occupy the largest range of any crocodilian. They live throughout southern Florida, along the Caribbean coast of Mexico and Central America.

They are often on the receiving end of bad press, and the American Crocodiles are not as aggressive as some of the Crocodiles found in Africa and Australia.

For centuries Crocodiles have been hunted for their hides. Shoes, hats, and belts are often made from their leathery hides.

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American crocodiles are experts at blending into their surroundings and are rarely seen by people. They eat a variety of crabs, fish, waterfowl, and small mammals.

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American crocodiles can be distinguished from American alligators by their longer, more narrow snouts and by their lower teeth, which are visible even when the crocodile’s mouth is closed.

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Like all species of Crocodilians, the American Crocodiles spend most of the day lounging on muddy riverbanks. The Crocodiles generally hunt for their prey during the night.









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