Great Horned Owl


Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Stolz, Gary M. 2008
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The great horned owl is common throughout North America.  It is a powerful predator with strong talons and sharp beak.  It eats mammals, birds and reptiles when available.  In the far north it eats snowshoe hare, geese, mice, voles and  lemmings.  Further south it might also eat snakes, lizards, squirrels and skunks.  Like most Owls it is nocturnal relying on its keen vision and silent flight to suprise its prey.

It’s “horns” are actually tufts of feather above its ears that look like horns.

Additional Images:

Great Horned Owl Map

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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Vanner, Michael.  The Complete Encyclopedia of North American Birds. Parragon Publishing; Bath, UK, 2005.










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