Herring Gull


Herring Gull

Herring Gull

Herring Gulls are quite common throughout North America. Amanda Boyd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
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Herring Gulls are large gray-and-white, pink-legged gulls. Adults Herring Gulls have light-gray backs, black wingtips, and white heads and underparts. Young Herring Gulls are mottled brown. As they increase in age, they gradually transition to the adult plumage.

Herring Gulls are the most familiar gulls of the North Atlantic and can be found across much of coastal North America in winter. In the summer, they can be found along the Atlantic Coast, Great Lakes, and coastal Alaska. They also breed across the Boreal far north.

Herring Gulls can be found along shorelines and out on the open ocean, picking scraps off the surface. They are often found around fishing boats and landfills. They are competitive scavengers. Often they can be found in groups.

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