Red Pine

Tags: Boreal Forest

How big are red pine? Red pine usually grow to be about 80 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter. However the largest in Minnesota is 120 feet tall and two grown people can barely get there hands to touch when they hug the tree!

How long do red pine live? Red pine usually live about 200 years.

What do their leaves look like? Red pine do not have leaves, they have needles. Their needles grow in bunches of two needles each. Each needle is 4 to 6 inches long.

What does their bark look like? Red pine bark is reddish in color and scaly when they are young. As they mature the bark forms broad flat plates with shallow groves between them.

Where do red pine live? Red pine prefer sandy soil and rock out crops. They are often found in places where the soil fertility is low. They are found from eastern Minnesota to the north eastern United States as well as south eastern Canada. Red pines are very common in the Border Country and have taken over much of the area that was predominately white pine before everything was logged. In 1953 Minnesota made the red pine their state tree.









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