Turkey Vulture


Adult Turkey Vultures are very large, raptors. They have very long wings and have black feathers on their body and brown feathers on their wings. These large raptors have a white beak, and featherless heads. Young Turkey Vultures have a gray head while adults have a red head.

These amazing birds live year round in Latin America and the Caribbean. But in the summer months they can be found in all 48 of the contiguous United States and even parts of Canada!

Vultures are scavengers which means they eat whatever they can find. They eat fish, reptiles, other birds, amphibians, and invertebrates (bugs). They will even eat leftovers from another animal’s meal.

Written by Zachary Arenberg


4 thoughts on “Turkey Vulture”

    1. Turkey vultures are real vultures. Turkey vultures are a type of vulture. Other types of vultures are black vultures, California condors and king vultures to name a few. Yes, turkey vultures eat dead animals. What other type of vulture have you learned about?

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